Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Settlement Ready

Recieved a letter today outlining that settlement is now due on the 17th January 2012. I shall soon be a proud owner of a nice piece of sand!


  1. Congrats! Hopefully ours wont be too much longer after that! Happy new year!

  2. Thanks ScottChan happy new year to you! Are in you in stage 4 as well? All settlements are due by 17th Jan so could be sooner? Got a letter in the mail so hopefully you get yours soon.

  3. Hi livewildcard
    We are in a suburb called harrington grove, we should have our land registered soon after yours according to the developer.
    Excited that this point is coming as we have been waiting months!
    Best of luck for the 17th matey!

  4. Ah yes Harington Grove, very nice. Yes our land was meant to be ready in May so its a little late haha but I am excited and hopefully settlement goes fine and then 23rd for tender presentation goes well.