Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Land Valuation

So the bank ordered a valuation on the land and surprise came back what we paid for it!

That is now all done doesnt seem to have anything in there too concerning but you never know with banks these days.

Loan is now submitted lets see what happens!


  1. how exciting! Hope it all goes fast so you can start!

  2. Funnily enough, ours came back at the 'right' value too... loan docs are all done and now all we're waiting for is official registration. Our solicitors are closed until mid Jan so hopefully that doesn't hold up progress too much. Heading up tomorrow maybe to have a stickybeak.

    - Miss Windsor of H1

  3. Its funny that! Yes our loan docs are all done and sent in and just waiting on word of the official registration. We went out the other day and took some photos on the land again and had a look around to see what was where etc. Heading back out for new years (as family member already lives there so nice and close to our block to have a stickybeak!