Sunday, 19 August 2012

We have a slab

So between real life stuff we have managed to get a slab laid, and geez it was fast. They scraped the site on a Wednesday, plumbing and pipes were in on Thursday and Friday few trucks and a bunch load of workmen had the slab laid ready for me to take a sneak peak on Saturday. Lets hope they start framing soon enough and if they keep this pace up who knows how long it will take.


  1. When builders set their minds to it, they can get homes up pretty fast! It's so exciting to get the slab, it marks the beginning of the final chapter. If you can, you should update us with a couple of pics :)

  2. Thanks Pandora, yes looks like someone wants to get paid so who knows how long they will keep this pace up. Yes definetly in need of some photos I will chuck some up very soon