Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Slowly Moving Along

It has been a while but we have finally been booked in for our first color selection appointment on the 17th April. We have also paid the first 5% and looking forward to getting it all approved from developer and going to council so we can commence ASAP.

Will keep everyone posted how we go with colors and any choices that we make


  1. Hi Livewildcard,
    I'm also in the progress to build foxley 30 with edenbrae. Glad to find somebody that is on a similar situation. I hope your color selection went well. I'd like to know if you've decided on your landscaping on this stage?

  2. Hey Lou,
    Sorry about the late reply finally back into things. No we have not decided on landscaping at this stage, probably will be just turfing everything for now and build upon it later.