Saturday, 4 February 2012

Contract signing

So our tender went well. After a few little changes we were happy with where we were at so we have paid the next $2500 to Eden brae for them to do the working drawings and contract etc. Nothing to big in the tender for us to worry about, the site still could require a few bits more for purring but will wait and see. All in all we are now booked in for the 27th feb to sign the contract and get the ball rolling. At the moment they have put the start date as June. Our external color selection also need to be done soon as developer needs to approve. Plenty of things coming and as always will keep you posted.


  1. We had our building contract signing on February 27th as well, and we are also building a Foxley 27. Bought over at George's Fair (Moorebank NSW) and we settle on the land on March 26th. They also told us that our start date would be somewhere in the May/June time frame. We're now waiting for council and Geaorges Fair approvals to come through, and our next appointment is at the
    "Home Options Gallery" to pick out tiles, carpet, paint, bathroom, kitchen colors etc. I have to give Eden Brae a big thumbs up so far... The entire process has been close to seamless. No problems yet but we still have a long way to go!! Good luck and keep up the posts... It's encouraging to read about people who are going through the same process!! By the way, Mitchell is our second of three boys... Cheers Todd & Nicole.

  2. Welcome 'Mitchell'. Thanks for popping in. Well I guess I am biased but nice design you've chosen! We have just paid our 5% so will be booked into Home Options Gallery to do our selections. Looking forward to that and will keep the blog updated as it all goes.